June 22nd 2016 Show in Princeton IL

Wednesday June 22 at 2:00 pm

in conjunction with the

Princeton Covered Bridge Workcamp.

At the First Lutheran Church, 116 N. Pleasant ST, Princeton IL

Open to the public

with a freewill offering supporting

the Bureau County Food Pantry and world hunger.

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Photo Of President Jimmy Carter, Harry Chapin, and the Presidential Commission on World Hunger – 1978 / 2012

A bit of background to this picture:

Singer/songwriter Harry Chapin was very active in the hunger issue during his life as a performer.  Harry pushed to have President Carter establish a Presidential Commission on World Hunger, was appointed to the commission, and reportedly its most faithful participant.  This photo was taken at a meeting on 10/5/1978, and I received it on 10/27/2012.

I thought of this picture when I realized I would have a chance to meet Jimmy Carter as part of the 70th Anniversary Celebrations at Koionoia Farm, where Clarence Jordan wrote his translation of the New Testament called “The Cotton Patch Gospel”.  This photo is from the original negative at the Carter Presidential Library.

Jimmy, a great man of faith and humanitarian, was gracious enough to sign this photo which I think shows the unique tie between “The Cotton Patch Gospel”, Harry’s music (as the writer of lyrics and music for the show), and desire to raise awareness of the hunger issue.  In some small way, I hope to carry on that message through music.  Harry is in the tan suit coat, 3 people to the left of the President. 

 Thank you, Jimmy Carter, for your encouragement.

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First Trip to Koinonia Farm, Americus GA

Pam and I had an enjoyable time on our first trip to Koinonia Farm.  After a show at Paoli, IN we arrived for the opening events of the Clarance Jordan Symposium.  We met President Jimmy and Mrs. Rosalynn Carter, the Honorary Chairs of the event.  That night actor/playwright Tom Key gave his original (non music) version of “The Cotton Patch Gospel”.  We are excited about our return trip at the end of October where we will share our “one-man-musical” version to support hunger needs in the Americus area.

Actor/playwright Tom Key presented “The Cotton Patch Gospel” at The Clarance Jordan Symposium.

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CPG Food Project on updated Why Hunger site!

Why Hunger has updated their web site and you can now find CPG at http://www.whyhunger.org/aahp.  They put us in under “Cotton Patch Gospel” rather than under my name.  I like that, it puts us in the upper end of an alphabetical line up ” Bruce Springsteen – Carlos Santana – Chicago – Cotton Patch Gospel”.  Pretty cool neighbors for a country boy.

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CPG’s version of Cotton Patch to be performed at Koinonia – “ground zero”

I am excited to announce that CPG’s version of The Cotton Patch Gospel has been asked to perform as part of the 70th anniversary celebrations of Koinonia Farm!  Bren Dubay, Director of Koinonia in a recent e-mail:  “Koinonia is very much focused on food production and feeding the hungry. Seems like there is a natural tie between us and your ministry. I’d like to get you here for the 2012 Celebration.”  Plans are now set for a least one show at the closing “reunion” celebration on Saturday evening 10/27/12.

Clarence Jordan, Greek scholar and pastor was a co-founder of Koinonia Farm in 1942.  It was here that he taught and lived out the Gospel in modern day Georgia, leading to his translations of the New Testament called “The Cotton Patch Gospel”.

 check out http://www.koinonia2012celebration.org/reunion/

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A GREAT weekend in Princeton

Had two great shows in Princeton over the weekend.  Saturday at St. Louis Catholic Church, and Sunday at First United Methodist.  The giving was outstanding with over $4,350 raised for hunger at these two shows!  Thanks to all of you generous people.

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Second seat to Bruce Springsteen ?

Hey, I’ll take it….. after all he got to do a Superbowl halftime before me!

The February issue of Why Hunger’s Artists Against Hunger and Poverty highlights several fundraising events.  Taking the top spot is Bruce Springsteen’s efforts.  The next story covers CPG efforts – small but mightly – we keep plugg’n away!  Thank YOU for all your help.  WhyHunger Newsletter

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2012 Season Opens in Flanagan IL!

The 2012 season kicked off with an opening show Sunday afternoon, 2/19/12.  Performed on the stage in the West Gym of the Flanagan-Cornell High School, to a generous audience, with over a $1,000 raised to fight hunger.  Watch for future shows.

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Bookings for 2012 are going on the site!

With the holidays over, I have started putting up bookings for 2012.  After 30 shows in 2011, my goal is 50 shows in 2012.  I’ll need help to get that many in, so keep watching, and consider sponsoring a show yourself!

My latest instrument in an octave mandolin, which I am really enjoying.  I consider it therapy playing, trying to recoup from the table saw cuts to my left thumb and index finger.  They will never be the same, but that means I can at least shoot for better than before!

I had someone ask me if I was re-shooting the show this winter.  WOW that is a lot of work, and with my hand still making a comeback, it will have to wait for another year!

I’m getting excited about the 2012 season, with shows starting in about a month.  One will be a dinner theater at Starved Rock Lodge.  That will be a new experience.  I’m looking forward to it.

Later, Phil    aka “Matthew”

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Youtube Challenge Update

Phil says:

I see we are up to 481 views of the YouTube video… that means I have $4,810 to raise…. I think I’ll catch up with that this weekend…… Am I going to beat you to 5,000 views – $50,000? The race is on!

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